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720 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701



A Nightlife House of Worship

Higher Ground is a social sanctuary for enlightened spirits and elevated souls who've prayed for designer cocktails, delicious Italian-inspired bites, and a place to revel in the night.

We've created a vibe like no other in Austin. Our multi-level club combines elegant, intimate areas perfect for quiet communion as well as lively and uplifting spaces for those seeking a higher energy. Eat, Pray and Love with us tonight or book a sacred space for your next event.

Rise Up and Raise your Spirits at Higher Ground

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Hours of Operation

Tues - Wed: 4pm - 12am

Thurs - Fri: 4pm-2am

Sat: 2pm 2am

Sun: 2pm - 12am

Mon: Day of Rest


Holy Hour
Tues-Fri: 4pm-7pm

Sun 7pm-9pm

Tues: $1 East Coast Oysters

until 10pm

Wed: $5 Higher Burger & $5 Modelos until 10pm